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Gear Breakdown

The most common question I get asked is "What camera do you use?"

I've gone through my kit and detailed everything I bring with me on a trip. It all fits into my backpack or carry-on. Nothing ever gets put in checked baggage or under a bus, etc. I by no means carry all this with me when I go shoot; I just take what I need for that day, usually just one lens.

Everything listed below is linked to Amazon so you can check out the full specs, reviews, & price.

Camera Body

Canon 6d - This guy may have some flaws, but I continue to beat the tar out of it and it continues to get the job done. Its performance for value is fantastic. If I was rich I'd upgrade to a body with a better autofocus system (6d is trash here). Spend your $$ on quality lenses instead of a body. Good glass holds its value and will last decades. A body will be outdated in a few years. 


17-40mm f4 - Awesome landscape lens. This paired with the 70-200 is my go-to combo.

24mm f2.8 - I use this exclusively for stars or night photos.

24-70mm f4 - Super versatile. If I only bring one lens, this is it.

85mm f1.8 - Awesome portrait lens. Small size is good for street shooting too.

70-200mm f2.8 - Fricken' workhorse. I love this thing. My go-to for most commercial jobs.

100-400mm f4.5-5.6 - I impulse bought this on Ebay. It crushes the wildlife, sports, and compression game.


Manfrotto BeFree CF - Super lightweight and portable. Fits *inside* my backpack so I don't have to strap it on the outside all bulky. Not the sturdiest option out there, but having a smaller tripod with you is better than having a big tripod back at home.


B+W Circular Polarizer - Cuts out reflected light. It lives on my lens; I use it constantly.

B+W 6-stop ND - I use this to block light when I want to use a slower shutter speed.

Lee Filters 3-stop Soft GND - Used for landscapes with high dynamic range. I hand-hold it.


SanDisk ExtremePro SD Cards - One of the few name brand accessories I'll buy. Waterproof, shockproof, etc. Don't lose all the photos from your epic trip because you saved $6 on a cheap knock-off.

Peak Design Leash - Low-profile strap with quick release snaps. Won't get in the way and doesn't look dorky.

Wasabi Power Batteries - Way cheaper than Canon and work the same.

Yongnuo Wireless Triggers - Another great, inexpensive product from China. Trigger your shutter remotely, no more self-timer running around. 

Micro Fiber Cloths - Keeps my lens clean when shooting. Buy 10 and put one in every pocket so you always have one.

Rocket Blower - If you use your stuff, your stuff will get dirty. Clean your sensor, lenses, etc. safely with this guy.

Intervalometer - For time-lapses, star-scapes, etc.

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