I grew up playing outside in Southern California and am heavily influenced by a strong connection with the ocean and natural world. As a photographer, I am repeatedly invited to step into the lives of my subjects and view the world from their perspectives; for that I am eternally grateful. Nothing brings me greater joy than bringing the narratives of people and places to life through pictures.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for both commercial and editorial clients around the globe, and I am forever thankful for the wonderfully powerful tool of photography. On assignment, I bring with me thorough organizational and professional skills, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for creating stunning and unique imagery.

I am currently based in Southern California and available for freelance inquiries. When home, you’ll likely find me up early or out late chasing light in the California Mountains and Oceans.

If you’re considering getting in touch, please do!

P: 949 939 3593


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